This is an multimodal transport costs estimator for goods transportation on Constanta - Bratislava corridor. You have to enter your transport details, like goods quantity, departure, destination and we will give you a comparative report for road transport and inland waterway transport based on statistics and real time RIS services.

Plan your transport

River Information Services

River Information Services (RIS) are modern traffic management systems enhancing a swift electronic data transfer between water and shore through in-advance and real-time exchange of information.

This estimator benefits from a real time integration with nation RoRIS system and it calculate inland waterway transport time based on previously recorded voyages that match your search criteria.

Road transport estimation

Road transport costs estimates are calculated based on national transport brokers reported fees, depeding on various factors like period of the year and transport route.

About ADB Multiplatform transport costs estimator

This pilot application represent an analysis component developed during the ADB - Adriatic - Danube - BlackS Sea Multiplatform project, having a total number of 42 companies and institutions as project partners.

The scope of this application is to offer an estimation tool as regarding multimodal transport of goods for companies for the Constanta - Bratislava transport corridor.

Any interested indivual or company can simulate a goods transport for criteria, like port of departure, port of arrival and quantity of goods and based on implemented algorithm he will receive a full report of transport time and costs.

Estimation algorithm

The core of the system is based on two different estimation factors:

  • Static reference algorithms - based on Europe transport costs for both inland waterway transport and road transport costs.
  • Real time reference algorithms - based on real time RIS information gathered from national RoRIS system, which give statistics related to voyages time for different routes.